Meet Mike

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Meet Mike Buontempo

I believe that if you don’t strive for a purpose in life, to build something bigger than yourself, and help a bunch of people in the process, then you’ll never truly be fulfilled. I truly love waking up each day, creating new marketing material, working with my team, and ultimately helping many people market effectively online.

The internet has given so many people a chance to level the playing field with huge companies and it really is a place where you don’t need a college degree to make Millions of Dollars. The ability to turn your visions into reality is one of the greatest things you can do and I try to bring my visions to life all the time.

My purpose is to strive to help people really understand how to unlock the full potential of marketing online. How to start with a small budget of $5 – $10 a day, and turn that into a 6 figure income.

I took a small sum of around $6,000 from my graduation money and turned it into Millions of Dollars because of the internet, and now I look to help other duplicate my same success through my teachings.

When I’m not in my office putting in crazy hours, you can catch me driving a fast car, probably headed to the gym to get a nice pump in.

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