About Mike

Mike Buontempo is a 24 Year Old Entrepreneur from Westfield, NJ. He made his first Million Dollars online by the time he was 21 year old.

He currently runs a Digital Publishing company that teaches Small Business Owners and other budding entrepreneurs how to market effectively on Facebook.

Collectively he’s produced Millions of Dollars for his companies and clients in the past few years he’s been in business.

Mike currently reaches over 100,000 people with his newsletter where he regularly sends out new blog posts, tips, tricks, and more regarding marketing online.

Mike enjoys collecting sports memorabilia, exotic cars, and spending time with his family.


What I'm Doing

Mike’s Current Company


A digital publishing company that shows small business owners and entrepreneurs exactly how to direct response driven ad campaigns and effectively drive leads and sales using Facebook’s ever growing ad platform.

Digital Marketers vault is what I like to think of a “1 on 1” environment where me and many other awesome marketers share directly with you either word for word or via visual content. Delivering you high quality information about traffic, funnels, business strategies and more.

Work With Mike

Let Mike show you how to setup Direct Response Marketing driven campaigns that drive leads, make sales, and ultimately optimize your sales process so you can turn $1 in advertising, into $2 in revenue every single day like a well oiled machine.

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Tiji Thomas
Anthony Mogilin
Mike's case studies and videos have taught me a lot about my business and some of the holes that I had and didn't even realize. One of my favorite parts of how Mike markets his products is that he shares the real data both on the wins and the losses. He's a clear communicator who gets straight to the point and shares how to leverage his wins and losses in my operation. If you're looking for a no holds barred training that's useful, direct, and shows the data to back it up (not just theory) then Mike's stuff is for you. You won't regret it! Brad
Brad Spencer